The Art of Cooking

Delicacies from various states of the Indian sub-continent, our menu will take you on a journey, from the Indian street food of ‘Chaats’ and grilled kebabs and tikkas to his signature dishes that are ‘Barra Lamb Chops’, Mumbai style ‘Butter Chicken’, Delhi style ‘Chicken Tikka Masala’ and the ‘Malabar Curries’ from southern India.

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Enjoy great Indian food from Badri’s Kitchen at the Jolly Farmers Pub in Purley. Whether dining in or outdoors in our fantastic new beer garden, we take pride in cooking authentic Indian food. We grind our spices little and often so they stay fresh. You won’t find food like this elsewhere!

Our Chef

Badri Prasad
Founder & CEO

  Our chef Badri Prasad originally from the city of Dehradun in north India, which is well known for its cooks and has worked in some of the finest hotels and restaurants in India & UK. He has an amazing 25 years of experience in Indian cuisine and specialises in authentic Indian curries as well as has mastered the art of tandoori and grilled cooking.